City of Monmouth

Welcome to the Maple City!

A Message from Mayor Davies

The City of Monmouth welcomes you! Founded in 1831 and incorporated in 1852, the Maple City is located in the western portion of Central Illinois and is the county seat for Warren County. 

In the 181 years since its founding, many important events have occurred in our City including the founding of Monmouth College by Scottish Presbyterians in 1853, the birth of Wyatt Earp in 1856, visits by Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas in 1858, and the creation of Western Stoneware Pottery in 1906 when seven local potteries joined together to form a business that is still in existence today.

With a current population of 9444, Monmouth celebrates not only its diversity of population but also its blending of agricultural, academic, industrial, business and cultural influences. In addition, our City has the good fortune to have a dynamic medical center to meet the needs of many of our citizens as well as residents in surrounding areas. 

Recently, many new businesses have made their home in Monmouth with plans for additional building already in progress. We are incredibly proud of what our City has to offer and look forward to additional economic development as our community continues to grow and prosper. 

Whether you are moving to our great City or simply visiting for a short time, we hope you find Monmouth as remarkable as we do. Additional information for residents is available on this website or you may phone City Hall for any questions or concerns you may have.

Again, welcome to Monmouth!

--Mayor Rod Davies

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