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Planning Documents

Research Presentation

The following documents are the presentation and handouts created by Kate Ferrer on her ten months of research into downtown economic development best practices. The research was part of her Community Matters program participation and part of her capstone project in the graduate program of Planning and Urban Development at the University of Illinois. The presentation was given in March, 2012.

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Business Survey

This document outlines the results of a business survey of downtown businesses done in late 2011. The survey was designed and tabulated by Kate Ferrer, a graduate student at the University of Illinois as part of her capstone Community Matters project.

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Community Research

This report outlines the research done by graduate student Kate Ferrer as part of her Community Matters capstone project. The project, done in partnership with University of Illinois Extension, was to research our downtown economic development practices as well as research other similar communities in the region, to see what they got right and what mistakes they made. In her work, she not only researched Monmouth, but the communities of Galesburg, Jacksonville in Illinois, Ripon Wisconsin and Mount Vernon Iowa. The communities were chosen for demographic similarities, industry composition and the proximity to a small liberal arts college.

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Comprehensive Plan

The City of Monmouth's comprehensive plan, entitled "Monmouth More Than Ever" was prepared for the City by the Western Illinois Regional Council and adopted by unanimous Council vote on April 2nd, 2007.

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