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For Landlords
2013 Open Rental Registration

Welcome to the Open Registration period for landlords (from October 1, 2013 until October 31, 2013). During this Open Registration period for the 2014 year, there will be no fees.

Landlord's will need to register each local rental property (not rental unit) they own. Non-local landlords will be required to indicate a local agent for their property.

If we have any questions on your information, we will contact you. Alternately, you can come to the City Hall Zoning Office to register a rental property in person. Begining on November 1, 2012, standard rental registration fees will apply.

If you have already registered your properties (one registration per rental property), simply call the Zoning Office at 734-7590 to verify your information. If you have not registered a property, you can use our online for by clicking on the link below.

Online Rental Property Registration

Landlord/Tenant Checklist

It's often a good idea for a landlord and a new tenant to do a quick walkthrough together of a rental dwelling as part of the lease-signing process. It's an opportunity for both parties to get on the same page as to the state of the rental unit before the tenant moves in. The checklist below can be a helpful tool for both parties and it can provide protection for the landlord if there are later issues about missing smoke detector batteris and such. Feel free to use as-is or modify for your own needs.

Download this file (LandlordTenantChecklist.pdf)Landlord/Tenant Checklist[PDF Document]111 Kb
Rental Dwelling Requirements

There are minimum requirements that a rental dwelling must conform to based on the zoning district the property is located in.  The sheet below is a quick but helpful checklist of what is required to turn a property into a rental dwelling and the requirements of the zoning district it is located in.

Download this file (RESIDENTIAL RENTALS.pdf)Residential Rentals and Zoning Districts[PDF Document]337 Kb
Property Enhancement Support Documents

A rental registration and inspection program is part of the City's larger Property Enhancement initiative. The Mayor, Council and staff have been working on the Property Enhancement program for many months, and this fall several ordinances will go before council to implement portions of the larger program. Part of that is a rental dwelling inspection process.

While not final (since the ordinances have not yet been adopted), the document linked below is a second draft of the proposed rental inspection checklist, plus other support documents. Our goal is to provide as much information as possible to inform our landlords and the community as a whole on on our efforts to enhance our residential building stock here in Monmouth.

Rental Registration and Inspection

Per ordinance 11-023, adopted on November 7, 2011, all rental properties within the city limits are to be registered with the City of Monmouth, with the information updated yearly. Rental dwellings will be inspected for code compliance, with compliant dwellings receiving a certificate of inspection that will be valid for three years. For informational purposes, Ordinance 11-023 is attached below. Any questions will be answered at City Hall (309-734-2141) or via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Download this file (ordinance11-023forweb.pdf)Ordinance 11-023[PDF Document]143 Kb