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Boosting Public Relations by Using Facebook PDF Print E-mail

Getting Started

In a world of constantly evolving social media, more and more small businesses are getting involved and reaping the rewards of services such as Facebook and Twitter. By learning how to implement the services of these two social media giants, entrepreneurs can experience an influx of new audiences as well as see an increase in customer traffic and sales. This guide can help you become a more successful small business owner.

Twenty-First Century Marketing in Monmouth PDF Print E-mail

The goal for any successful business is to maintain and grow your customer base so that you can increase your sales income. Marketing your business is how you get the word out to existing and potential customers about what makes you unique and how your business can serve your customer's needs.

In the era of the Internet and globalization, businesses need to look beyond the traditional means for grabbing the attention of customers. Utilizing the powerful combination of excellent customer service, a professional Internet presence and an active utilization of social media tools, businesses can augment traditional marketing approaches to achieve measurable results.

Below is an overview of how to utilize low-cost (and often free) Internat and social media tools to drive traffic to your online presence and customers to your business. The strategies outlined below aren't rocket science, but they are put forth with an understanding of our local Monmouth business market and what our local businesses need to do to perform well in a 21st century marketplace.