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Part-Time Facilitator Position Available

The City of Monmouth is one of the founding sponsors of the Warren County CEO (Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities) Program, which is a new business education course for juniors and seniors at Monmouth-Roseville and United high schools.

The program is seeking a facilitator for the class—someone who believes that education extends beyond the classroom. The CEO facilitator creates a learning environment where students are encouraged to explore, discover and experience learning through real-life activities.

The facilitator’s role is to model a passion for learning, connect with the students and community, collaborate with the CEO Board, and provide guidance to the students. 

The facilitator position is half-time during the school year: ninety minutes of the day is spent with the students, and the balance is used for arranging business visits, guest speakers, calling on business people, etc. The facilitator will need to establish good relationships with the business community, prepare the communications that make the program transparent, and build the learning environment that allows students to succeed. 

For a complete position description and to apply, please take a look at the CEO website.