Burn hours are Monday through Saturday, from noon until 8 p.m. Burning is not allowed on Sundays.

Burning is permitted 25 feet from a structure. Burning is permitted within 15 feet of a structure if the burning is done in a container. Residents can burn in burning barrels or trash burners without obtaining a permit from the Monmouth Fire Department. Large bonfires require a permit from the Fire Department at (309) 734-8428. There is no cost for the permit. You must follow the guidelines the Fire Department provides for where you can burn. Burning without such a permit is a City Ordinance violation, and you may be ticketed as a result.

The Monmouth Fire Department is located at 601 Industrial Park Road (north station) and 1100 S. Main Street (south station).

Leaves and yard waste may not be burned on City streets, concrete or asphalt. Burning that creates objectionable smoke or odor emission will be extinguished.