A rental registration and inspection program is part of the City's larger Property Enhancement initiative. The goal of the program is to provide safe and secure rental properties for Monmouth residents who chose to rent. Inspections are conducted by the Monmouth Fire Department, with a focus on life safety, backed up by both the International Fire Prevention Code and the International Property Maintenance Code, both adopted by the City.

The document linked below is the listing of all areas that a rental inspector will be looking at, backed up by the related code. Our goal is to provide as much information as possible to inform our landlords and the community as a whole on on our efforts to enhance our residential building stock here in Monmouth.

Tenants are encouraged to ask landlords for copies of their rental inspection certificates before they sign a lease. If a landlord's property has not yet been inspected, they can simply call the Zoning Office to schedule an inspection (309-734-7590).

Download this file (RentalInspectionCodeExplanation.pdf)Rental Inspection Code Explanation[PDF Document]123 kB