Every year there is an open registration period. The enrollment period is October 16th through November 17th   of this year. This needs to be done EVERY year to help us keep our rental database up to date.

Use this time to let us know if you have sold your properties or added more, or changed any of your contact information. Please keep in mind that you also need to have a local agent, if you live outside of the Monmouth area.

If you have sold your rental properties, we will remove your information from the rental database. This process must be done every year, even if you have already registered in the past. 

Registration Fees are as follows:

Single-family dwelling containing one rental unit - $10.00

Dwellings containing two five rental units - $20.00

Dwellings containing five or more rental units - $30.00

Apartment complexes – Each separate building will be assessed a fee as outlined above (i.e., One building containing five rental units will cost $30.00).

If you fail to (re)register your property during the open enrollment period, a $75 violation ticket will be issued for every property not recorded per City Ordinance


Online Rental Registration Form (use for newly registered properties)

Online Re-Registration Form (use if there are no changes to a previously registered property)