Recycling Robot Arm

If it looks like your recycling tote hasn't moved, it might not mean that it hasn't been picked up yet. The truck's robot arm puts the tote back exactly where it was! This video provides a great view on how to set out your blue rolling tote.

Curbside Recycling

Eagle Enterprises Recycling is Monmouth's curbside recycling contractor.

New residents are given a rolling recycling tote. Simply come into City Hall (100 E. Broadway) when you set up your new water service to receive full information on the recycling program.

Lids may stay on. Please rinse all containers, jars and cans.

Curbside pickup is every other week on the same day as trash pickup. See the schedule document below for the pickup schedule. If you have more material than will fit in your tote, please place it next to the tote.

Holidays for curbside recycling pickup are New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. If these holidays occur on a weekday, the schedule is delayed by one day.


A list of acceptable materials may be found at

Eagle Enterprises Recycling, Inc.
510 SE Industrial Avenue
Galva, IL  61434
(309) 932-2936

You may also drop off recycling at the Monmouth Transfer Station, located on 186th Avenue (1/4 mile off of south 11th Street). Hours are: 8 a.m.–3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday; Saturday, 8 a.m. until noon.

Download this file (2021 Monmouth Curbside Calendar.pdf)2021 Monmouth Curbside Calendar.pdf[ ]373 kB
Download this file (waste_gneral_info.pdf)Waste[PDF Document]496 kB

Recycling Program Overview

The video below outlines the expanded recycling program.

Electronics Recycling

As of January 1, 2012, electronics may not be thrown out with your trash. These items can be recycled for free at the Transfer Station. Electronics recycling is free to residents. There is a charge for business electronics (trade waste). Please see attached for complete list.

The following items may be recycled: Computers and all connecting devices (printers, external hard drives, etc.), routers and cords, radios, clocks, video consoles, cable boxes, cordless tools, TVs and monitors. 

There is a substantial fine for anyone who dumps electronics in an unapproved site.

Download this file (MONMOUTH  FLYER 4-15.pdf)MONMOUTH FLYER 4-15[PDF Document]172 kB

Yard Waste Pick-up

Yard waste pick-up usually runs from April 1 through November 30. (Depending on the weather, it may continue into December.) At other times, lawn bags may be taken to the Monmouth Transfer Station at no charge.

You may purchase designated lawn/leaf bags at grocery stores, hardware stores, lumber yards, etc. for use in our lawn waste program. DO NOT use plastic bags.

Grass clippings, small twigs, leaves and yard waste can be put in the designated bags and set out by 7 a.m. for pick-up on your garbage day. Grass should not be mowed into the street.

In the fall, leaves may be raked into the street to be vacuumed by the leaf machine; however, this is a slow process, so if you have many leaves, it may be best to put them in yard waste bags for pick-up.

Holidays for yard waste pick-up are Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and Thanksgiving. If these holidays occur on a weekday, the yard waste schedule will resume the next day.

Recycling Ink Cartridges and Cell phones

City Hall is a drop-off point for recycling ink cartridges and cell phones for Teddy Bear Child Development Center. Bring in your empty ink cartridges and unused cell phones and keep them out of the landfills!