Budget & Audits

Download this file (City Financial Report 2016.pdf)City Financial Report 2016.pdf[ ]648 kB
Download this file (FY 2018 Budget.pdf)FY 2018 Budget.pdf[ ]1230 kB

Maps & Studies

We have compiled a number of studies/maps over the years. These are all located in their respective areas of the website (Community Development, Revitalization, etc) as well as being listed here for quick reference. 

Download this file (Our_Downtown_Renaissance.pdf)2016-2020 Strategic Plan[See Downtown Revitalization for details]3572 kB
Download this file (Downtown Monmouth Improvements Framework MQ.pdf)Downtown Monmouth Improvement Framework[A document that was produced for a grant competition]4506 kB
Download this file (TaxIncrementFinancingBenefitsDetails.pdf)TIF District Benefits[ ]496 kB
Download this file (monmouth_tif_2012.pdf)TIF District Map[ ]78 kB
Download this file (MonmouthIL_PrimRTA_RGA_2016.pdf)Retail Gap Analysis[ ]11035 kB
Download this file (MonmouthWarren County.pdf)Monmouth Enterprise Zone Map[ ]2131 kB

Recent Studies

PGAV Planners have released the North 6th Street TIF development plan. It can be found below and contains a very comprehensive plan.

The Northern Illinois University Center For Governmental Studies has also released the final version of a housing study the City had prepared. It is also listed below in PDF format for reading.

Download this file (Monmouth Final Report 1.30.18.pdf)Monmouth Housing Study[ ]3107 kB
Download this file (N_6th_street_TIF_plan.pdf)N_6th_street_TIF_plan.pdf[ ]10503 kB