City of Monmouth

Welcome to the Maple City!

Where is Monmouth, Illinois?

Monmouth is located in the western section of central Illinois. There are two major highways that pass through Monmouth: U.S. Highway 67 and U.S. Highway 34. Interstate 74, which connects with Interstate 80 at the Quad Cities, is only 15 miles away. A great deal of traffic flows through Monmouth on a daily basis.

There are three main airports that serve the Monmouth area. The Monmouth Municipal Airport is located in Monmouth and offers excellent facilities for private aircraft. The Galesburg Municipal Airport, in Galesburg, is located only 14 miles away. The Quad Cities Airport, 44 miles north of Monmouth, offers a large variety of commercial passenger and freight services.

Several excellent public and private barge terminals are located just 16 miles away, on the Mississippi River. Additional river sites are available for further development of private barge facilities.

Two railroad lines operate in the Monmouth area: Amtrak and Burlington Northern/Santa Fe. Amtrak offers passenger service in both Galesburg and Macomb, 30 miles south of Monmouth. Burlington Northern/Santa Fe has offices in Galesburg, operating a major switching classification facility there, only 14 miles from Monmouth.

Community Public Transit, a bus service offered to the public through Warren Achievement Center, runs in and around the Monmouth Area.